5 Cooking Apps You’ll Like

5 Cooking Apps You’ll Like

You may be a food lover if you spend huge amounts of time in the cooking area each day. You could be a foodie if, when you’re in bed in the evening, you’re already making up ideas of what you’ll make for dinner the next night, or the perfect mix of flavors for a dessert you’re creating an event of friends this weekend. You might be a foodie if you can talk flavor combos and you get absurd inspired (not to mention sucked in for hours) when you examine food photos and look through recipes. You may be a foodie if you find that people speaking about you when it comes to food: they ask your help, they like to know how you ensure things, and basically, peeps know you for your food. And you just might be a foodie if you can’t taste food without trying to separate the flavors in your mouth, determining what’s in it and what it is about that flavor unique blend that is really paying off.

Do you find yourself in one of the above examples? If so, the kitchen is probably one of your happiest places, the place you escape to when you have to regroup after a crazy day, eat some comfort food, and feel as though everything is right in the world again. Cooking is innovation and common sense combined: being able to delve into endlessly, while also tapping into things that just make sense– like thyme and rosemary, for example, or onions and mushrooms.

If you love to get out into that warm room and knead bread, cook pasta, make pies and explore new sauces, we think you might take joy in some of the following apps. From apps for folks that might intend to expand their cooking awareness and experience (and need variety!) to inspiration and simple guides, we bet you’ll find at least one that you’ll be glad to know about.

Blue Apron
Regardless if you’re an aspiring cook that wishes to learn steps to mix flavors together or a seasoned cook that is tired of having to produce new ideas of what to make for dinner, Blue Apron’s idea is a cool one. They offer new procedures each week that utilize seasonal ingredients. You can receive meal plans weekly for a party of two, or for a family of 4. Sign up for their service and obtain the ingredients for the week’s recipes rendered in a box to your door– no hassle of figuring out what you’re going to make, and no need to go to the grocery store to do the shopping. Everything comes in the box, prepared to go. If you’re going to be out of town, stop the service for when you’ll be away, and resume when you get home. The app boasts yummy photos, step by step instructions, and videos for different instructional points, too. One of the things we think is cool about it? You’ll get to try several recipes each week, therefore helping you to broaden your flavor palate and your tried and true recipes won’t lose their favorite status by being made too often.

If you’re that person that pores over photos of food in Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetit and Cook’s Illustrated, check out this app. For real … talk about photos that will make you salivate and want to put the apron on right now!!! This is a great go-to app for inspiration when you’re trying to decide what to make– whether you need a great new cookie recipe, some pasta, a crowd-pleasing beef dish, or something tasty to eat for breakfast.

This is an amazing spot to put your faves all in one spot: from bring in the ones you love from the Internet to personally entering the recipes your family has loved for years. Furthermore, the app gets easy to plan menus for the week or month and set all together shopping lists so you never forget those products you need for the next time you’re in the kitchen.

(Not) Recipes by Food52
Think of this app as the Instagram for food, and nothing else. Where Foodgawker’s app brings you tons of yummy photographs and you can search by category and have access to tons of recipes, Food52’s app is like an IG feed where users upload photos of stuff they’ve made and simply list the ingredients.

A practical one. Once for a dinner party or big gathering (hello Thanksgiving!), when you’re cooking several things at, this app totes appears in handy. If you’ve got a pot going on all four burners (and something in the oven too), and everything will be done at different times, don’t sweat it! You can set a separate timer for every burner using the app, along with the oven, and you’ll receive reminders when it’s time to take things off (or out of) the heat. You can easily add a few more minutes and be reminded to check it again at that point if it isn’t quite done. This great little app takes off the stress of trying to keep track of everything in your head, and streamlines everything to a cinch instead!

We almost think you can’t go wrong with these apps. Beautiful images, endless inspiration, yummy flavors, and features that will make your life a lot easier. From the newbie to the expert, there’s a thing here to delight everyone’s inner cook!