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"I consider every passenger to be precious cargo. Each person is important in someone’s life. They are your grandmother, your niece, your husband, your mom. Our operators are trained to perform as if they’re driving their own family members, and the entire team works hard to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone."

— Michael D'Ampolo, President and Founder, M&L Transit Systems, Inc.


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Seven Steps to Ensure a Safe and Rewarding Bus Experience

At the very least, your transportation experience should be safe and transparent. At most, it should enhance your experience by being easy, comfortable and fun. Here are seven important criteria to meet in order to ensure the best bus experience possible.

  • Vehicles – the vehicles should have an impeccable track record and operators should be required to fill out a VIR (Vehicle Inspection Report) before every shift.
  • Vehicle Operators – It is important that all operators are Commercially Licensed (CDL), fully trained, as well as background-checked. In the past, M&L has rejected prospective operators for not passing these tests, and these same operators surfaced at other bus companies.
  • Reliability – Not only should the buses be maintained and serviced properly, but you should know what the company does in the unlikely event that there is a breakdown. Are there emergency backup vehicles to fix or replace breakdowns? How long does it take? The answers should be that there are emergency vehicles available and the company will redress the situation within 30 minutes or less.
  • Scalable – Does the company have enough vehicles of varying sizes to meet your exact requirements? Are the terms flexible enough to adjust to your changing needs?
  • Reputation – What is the general reputation of the company? Is the bus company an industry leader? Is it an innovator? Is it evolving with market and technological changes? Talk to some of the clients of the bus company you're considering, especially if they're not prominently featured in the company's materials.
  • Management – What is the ownership or management's commitment to service and reputation? Is it a large uninvolved corporation or conglomerate? A start-up with no experience? Family-owned?
  • Insurance – Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance to determine if coverage is up to date. Also, check to see if the correct number of your passengers will be covered.

We want you and yours to always have safe travels when enjoying your bus transportation. That's our commitment at M&L.