Just the Perfect Complement!

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Just the Perfect Complement!

When you think of great combinations, things that just go together, what comes to mind? Peanut butter and jelly? A warm fire paired with a snowy night?

Efficiently … let’s solve to it. We’re putting the match of hospitality and sightseeing on the table, at this time.

Merriam Webster defines hospitality as “friendly and generous treatment of guests and visitors,” and “the activity of providing food, drinks, etc. for people who are the attendees or customers of an organization.”

And vocabulary.com adds this more insight: “Hospitalitem is a Latin word meaning ‘friendliness to guests,’ so it’s not hard to see where the word hospitality comes from. Showing hospitality includes making others feel welcome and comfortable.”

And as for sightseeing?

Anyone knows what that is. It’s taking a trip to see the spots a location is known for, being familiar with a place up close, or as dictionary.com puts it: “the act of visiting and seeing places and objects of interest.”

So, yes.

What do you have when you put together hospitality and sightseeing? It’s basically the definition of Mr. or Mrs. Tour Operator personified.

Consider it. Absolutely, you can use your mobile phone nowadays to undertake research on a good place to vacation, and it’s easy to check in to hotels, spot directions in a new place, and acquire exceptional recommendations for good eats if you utilize that cell phone in your pocket.

Nevertheless, what it doesn’t offer you?

Your smart phone can’t offer you the level of courteous service, care, and focus on detail that tour operators specialize in. It’s their business to provide for their customers, providing them with possibilities to see the leading attractions and deal with all the things a hostess would: where you’re heading to stay, reservations for dinner, transportation, along with any additional perks (such as a private tour).

A tour operator puts together the benefits of hospitality with the expertise of an area. They know what you should see, where you should go, the best times to arrive, the places only the locals learn about.

So, yeah. When it comes to secrets, we think we’ve got the most amazing one, and we’re letting it out of the bag: BOOK A TRIP WITH A TOUR OPERATOR. We work with tour operators to provide quality transportation for groups, and we’d love to have you along on one of our next adventures. Schedule with a tour operator to see the match up of hospitality and sightseeing firsthand if you’re booking a trip for the family or just going as a group of friends with our charter bus Boston!