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Michael D'Ampolo

"I consider every passenger to be precious cargo. Each person is important in someone’s life. They are your grandmother, your niece, your husband, your mom. Our operators are trained to perform as if they’re driving their own family members, and the entire team works hard to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone."

— Michael D'Ampolo, President and Founder, M&L Transit Systems, Inc.


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Shuttle Bus Rental Boston, MA

M & L Transit Systems, Inc. is proud to provide top-of-the-line transit services, including our sought after shuttle bus rental. Boston, MA industries have been turning to M & L Transit Systems, Inc. for quality rentals for years. Various organizations, such as municipalities, schools, hospitals, and companies need to transport their members to and from certain locations every day. We can help with this job by providing reliable shuttle buses that provide safe transit to a large number of people. No matter where you need transportation to and/or from, we can make sure that it is reliable, on time, and most importantly, safe.

Dedicated Route Service With a Shuttle Bus Rental in Boston, MA

When you request a shuttle bus rental, you can also consider our Dedicated Route Service (DRS). Whether your business needs to shuttle employees to various locations, or your university needs to dependably shuttle students and faculty to multiple campuses, Dedicated Route Service is something that you will be interested in. When you tell us where we need to go, we will provide reliable, safe transit to the people you're responsible for.

A shuttle bus rental can carry a large capacity of people in a high quality vehicle that adheres to the highest standards of performance and safety. Again, if you are interested in simple, safe, and reliable transit, a shuttle bus rental from M & L Transit Systems, Inc. might be for you.

Reliable Shuttle Bus Rental in Boston, MA

If you need a reliable shuttle bus rental Boston, MA and surrounding area organizations can trust, look no further than the services offered by M & L Transit Systems, Inc. Call us today at (781) 938-8646 to learn more about our fleet of high quality shuttle busses and our reliable Dedicated Route Service. When it becomes necessary to look for a shuttle bus rental, Boston, MA residents rely on M & L Transit Systems, Inc., for safety, reliability and punctuality.