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Michael D'Ampolo

"I consider every passenger to be precious cargo. Each person is important in someone’s life. They are your grandmother, your niece, your husband, your mom. Our operators are trained to perform as if they’re driving their own family members, and the entire team works hard to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone."

— Michael D'Ampolo, President and Founder, M&L Transit Systems, Inc.


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Bus Fueling Station Massachusetts

It is extremely important to keep buses and other transit vehicles properly fueled; this is why, as a bus fueling station, Massachusetts residents trust the services of M & L Transit Systems, Inc. Massachusetts drivers know that running low on fuel in your bus is not a good thing. It is a situation that can annoy and jeopardize the safety of your valued passengers. Make sure this does not happen to you by visiting our Massachusetts bus fueling stations regularly.

Reliable Bus Fueling Station in Massachusetts

When you are looking for an exceptional bus fueling station in Massachusetts, look no further than the maintenance and garage service from M & L Transit Systems, Inc. We specialize in fuel fill-up for your buses and all of your transit vehicles. We take pride in the vehicle fueling service that we offer our customers, because we know bus drivers are an extremely important part of the transportation world. It is our goal to fuel you up when you need it, so you can keep running your bus routes as smoothly as possible, with minimal interruptions. You will never stop needing gas, and we will never stop providing it to you in the most convenient way possible. Next time you need fuel, turn to the best bus fueling station Massachusetts has to offer, at M & L Transit Systems, Inc.

Turn to the Bus Fueling Station That Drivers Trust

The next time you are driving your bus in the Boston area, do not hesitate to visit us at M & L Transit Systems, Inc. We are proud to help fill the fuel tanks of the excellent bus drivers in Massachusetts. Call us today at (781) 938-8646 if you are interested in our services. Let us help you travel smoothly in your bus by being there for you as the most reliable bus fueling station Massachusetts drivers can turn to.