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Michael D'Ampolo

"I consider every passenger to be precious cargo. Each person is important in someone’s life. They are your grandmother, your niece, your husband, your mom. Our operators are trained to perform as if they’re driving their own family members, and the entire team works hard to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone."

— Michael D'Ampolo, President and Founder, M&L Transit Systems, Inc.


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Truck Wash Massachusetts

At our garage, we offer a high quality truck wash that Massachusetts drivers can take advantage of, to keep their trucks as clean as possible. Improve your efficiency on the job, and the image that you exude, by seeking out a professional truck wash. Massachusetts drivers know that M & L Transit Systems, Inc. is the service you can trust to keep your truck clean.

Quick and Easy Truck Wash for Massachusetts Drivers

Trucks, especially ones used for commercial or industrial purposes, are prone to becoming dirty. Dirt, rust, and grime can accumulate in every nook and cranny of a truck, making it dirty and unsuitable for professional purposes. Do not let a dirty truck get in the way of your job. Stop by our Woburn, MA location to receive an affordable, full-service truck wash. Massachusetts truckers, and other drivers passing through, can count on the experts at M & L Transit Systems, Inc. to get their trucks in top shape.

When it comes to receiving a quality truck wash, Massachusetts drivers turn to M & L Transit Systems, Inc. Our 7,500 square foot garage is fully equipped with a truck wash station that can clean even the biggest rigs. At M & L Transit Systems, Inc., we can provide you with a flawless, clean truck in no time, thanks to our premium equipment and process experience.

Unmatched Truck Wash in Massachusetts

When you notice your truck getting dirty, do not hesitate to pay us a visit. At M & L Transit Systems, Inc. our professional truck wash services are the best in the area; serving trucks of all makes, models, and sizes. Visit our convenient location today for a full-service truck wash. Massachusetts travelers can bring their trucks to M & L Transit Systems, Inc. for the best in service and wash downs.