Traveling Is Simple Nowadays!

Traveling Is Simple, Charter Bus Boston

Traveling Is Simple Nowadays!

Learning about history is a fascinating thing, and 2016 marks 100 years since the organization of the National Park Service. In Ken Burns’ documentary series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, Burns tells the story behind the development of these national treasures. They approved golf courses and zoos at different parks, and even proposed Yosemite as an ideal setting for the Winter Olympics.

It’s a bit nostalgic to imagine what it would have been like to visit the parks when they weren’t as traffic as they are today. In the beginning of the national parks journey, visitors came by horse and buggy, and the railroad also played a huge role in bringing folks to see these wonders of nature.

The world of travel and tourism has exploded in comparison to what was happening in 1900. While there are several factors that have contributed to this change, here are just a few that we see that have made today’s tourism industry boom like never before.

To start with, there’s no doubt that transportation mediums have made it much easier to do so. In our time where air travel is commonplace, it’s hard to imagine a time when the railroad was the new up-and-coming thing and paved roads weren’t common. There was a time when that was the case, and traveling by rail was a “quick” alternative to horses. Today, traveling by train seems archaic and slow in contrast, when we’re used to huge jetliners loaded with people, traveling at speeds that would have seemed miraculous to those who lived to see the Wright brothers’ initial flight make the headlines.

In addition to advances in transportation mediums, travel is also more affordable than it has ever been. As travel has become more commonplace, prices have come down, making it more budget-friendly for everyone.

It has never been easier to learn of different locations around the world. For tour operators and travel agencies, uploading glossy photographs of luxurious accommodations and relaxing vacation spots can go a long way to inspiring folks to reach into their wallets and pay for a trip.

Instagram and Facebook have become today’s equivalent of yesterday’s postcard. Instead of taking the time to individually send notes to friends, people post pics of delicious meals, a lounge chair on the beach, or hiking and biking in national parks.

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